Michael Ringseis

Visual Designer, User Interface Designer& Motion Designer


By the time I was in middle school I was using graphic design software, not word processors, for my school papers and working in an art gallery after school designing and building picture frames. At home I had hacked together a video editing setup using two old VCR’s and a dual-deck tape player.

In high school I designed layouts for the yearbook and school newspaper. I took a video editing class and my career trajectory started to take shape.

My formal college education was split pretty evenly between film studies, animation, graphic design and a seemingly irrelevant interest in sociology. I had no idea that that indulgence would eventually resurface professionally as my research often requires me to analyze virtual communities, user demographics and behaviors. Surprisingly, my editing skills with two VCR’s and a dual tape deck have never come into play.


My career began as a web designer and animator for a video production studio. I was asked to create experiences using motion, video and interaction: a storytelling website for NASA, an educational gaming and music experience for Dole, DVD menus for Sony Pictures. Being the early days of integrating motion and interactive, it was a crash course in problem solving and digital ingenuity.

My next role was in a small interactive advertising agency primarily designing and animating banner advertisements, micro-sites, landing pages and game trailers for Electronic Arts, XBOX and PC Games. Our small agency grew, got acquired and grew some more.

The interactive landscape began expanding to include mobile and much more product design. After working with a few more agencies, some really smart people and interesting brands, I decided to broaden my focus and continue learning by contracting for a few years. Now, in addition to art directing and developing interactive advertising, I’ve expanded into UX, mobile interface design, short form video editing, branding and responsive web design.