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Linden Lab Patterns, Creatorverse and Versu

Logo Design and Interactive Advertising

Role: Art Direction, Logo Design, Interactive Advertising

While Second Life is the most successful product they have released to date, Linden Lab is always exploring new products. PatternsCreatorverse and Versu all enable users creative freedom to define their experiences like Second Life. Building on the experience gained from Second Life, Patterns and Creatorverse represent Linden Labs’ next generation of shareable creative environments. Versu is something a little different. More on that below.


Patterns is a sandbox-style game that allows users to explore beautiful geometric alien worlds, collecting and building with materials that exhibit various characteristics like bounciness, slippery surfaces and explosive volatility. Because game was released as a desktop only experience available on Steam, the advertising was designed for a PC/Mac audience.

Patterns Logo Design Image
Patterns Banner Campaign Image


Creatorverse is a physics-based sandbox creation game developed for Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Kindle Fire HD tablets. Presented with a sketchbook look and feel, the user draws and colors shapes, assigns physical properties to them and designs mechanical systems to share. To quote Kotaku: “Creatorverse is One Of the Coolest Things You Can Do With an iPad.”

I designed the logo and a campaign announcing the product launch.

Creatorverse Logo Design Image
Creatorverse Banner Campaign Image


Most of Linden Labs games focus on providing users tools to create and share content. Versu is a different type of experience. The most simple description of the experience is to say that it is an advanced form of choose your own adventure. In reality its far more complex. They think of it as a type of fan fiction where the user creates the story by role playing as a primary character. Utilizing a sophisticated artificial intelligence, Versu allows you to decide if you want to pursue a romance or make an enemy, social interactions can occur even if the author did not write an arc specific to those two characters. The details of the story are written as you interact with the other characters.

The launch campaign teases an included story, “The House on the Cliff.”

Versu Banner Campaign Image