Sling TV

Objective: Brand awareness and increase subscriptions

Background:  Theres a television revolution and the leader is SlingTV. SlingTV is an alternative for those who want lower cable bills by streaming a handful of popular networks rather than subscribing to hundreds.

An estimated 750,000 cable subscribers terminated their subscriptions in the second quarter of 2016, continuing a persistent and growing trend. While a popular service among cord-cutters and cord-nevers, SlingTV is still a relatively obscure alternative to cable. In February of 2015, an Ipsos MediaCT poll revealed that just 11% of the 2,871 people who responded knew about SlingTV. To make matters worse, about half of those admitted to confusing SlingTV with Slingbox, a different product. An important objective of reaching potential customers is to let them know there are not only alternative ways to watch TV, but a really good option exists in SlingTV.

Solution: Design advertising that shows that you can stream cable television content without a cable subscription. Also, emphasize that it costs considerably less than traditional cable and is, in most cases, available on a wider variety of screens and devices.


Role: Art Direction, Visual Design

SlingTV emails

HTML Banners

Role: Art Direction, Visual Design, Motion Design, Development

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Print Ads & Direct Mail

Role: Art Direction, Visual Design

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