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Western Union Rio 2 Challenge

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Role: Creative Director / Art Director, UI Designer, Game Designer

I was approached to concept and design an idea for a rich mobile gaming experience featuring games that tie into Western Union products.

The Rio 2 Mini-game features 3 games, each focusing on a distinct offering from Western Union: Money Transfer, Agent Locator and Bill Pay service.The first game is promoting the Agent Locator. In a game of whack-a-mole with a twist the player is instructed to tap Nico and avoid Nigel. The second game promotes Bill Pay. As Blu flies back and forth on the screen the player is instructed to tap the screen to pass him cash. Your timing has to be just right for him to catch it! The third and final game promotes Money Transfer. The player is instructed to help Jewel catch the Nico coins while avoiding Nigel coins.

When the player completes the 3 games they receive a score and a chance to try again, download a Rio 2 mobile wallpaper or find a Western Union agent.

Western Union "Rio 2" Storyboard Image